1989-91 B.A. (1st class honours, Mathematics, Open University)

1971 B.Sc. (Ordinary, Mech Eng, University of London)

1970 Changed course from Nuclear to Mechanical Engineering, having realized* that nuclear power is even worse than fossil fuels. (This is a very simplified, sanitized version of events. See Nuclear Engineering – a bit of personal history. for a bit more detail.)

1967 Four grade ‘A’s at A level (Applied Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Pure Maths); UK Atomic Energy Authority scholarship to study Nuclear Engineering at University of London (Queen Mary College).


1949 Born in Paddington, England. British citizen.

1983 Met someone special, the optician in one of those Indian hospitals...

1984 ...married that optician!!

1985 Returned to the UK with her – her first time out of India. (We didn’t plan to leave India when we married; we’d planned to open a shop in India, half optician’s and half photographic studio. But changes in India’s immigration laws intervened.)
   Son born.

1987 Daughter born.

Other stuff

Random bits and pieces.

* If realized grates, I’m sorry, it’s my age. Please see -ize or -ise?.