British Values

What are these famous British Values? Are they something to be proud of, and to expect immigrants to espouse?

It’s funny how the most assiduous defenders of British Values always seem at a loss to explain what they are when questioned about them.

Someone once told me that these were British Values:

Well, if those are British Values, I’m all for them. Strangely, they seem to be qualities not much in evidence in the most assiduous defenders of British Values.

Actually, from my travels I’ve learnt that these are values held widely around the world, not exclusively in Britain; indeed while they’re reasonably common in Britain, they don’t seem to be any commoner here than elsewhere. And as I say, they’re noticeably NOT common among those keenest on “British Values”!

Perhaps British Values are really something else? If so, I’m far from sure that I approve of them.