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 Red Deer Stag (Scotland, March 2007)

 Steppe Buzzard (Armenia, 2011)

 Hooded Crow (Berlin, 2013)

 Deer (Scotland, 2021)

 Swans (Scotland, 2021)

 Deer in the snow (Scotland, 2022)

 Coot in a Hurry (Scotland, 2021)

 Titli (India, 2013)

 Palm Squirrel (India, 2011)

 Pigeon (Scotland, 2021)

 Ducklings (Scotland, 5th May 2021)

 Heron (Scotland, 20th June 2021)

 Seal (Scotland, August 2019)

 Fawn (Scotland, May 2021)

 Green Lizard (Corsica, 2010)

 Unappetizing (La Gomera, 2009)

 Pursuit (Scotland, 2021)

 Inquisitive Jackdaw (Scotland, 2020)

 Angry Swan (Scotland, 2021)

 Ducklings (Scotland, 2nd June 2021)

 Young Buck (Scotland, 2021)

 Jackdaws (Scotland, 2021)

 Young Buck (Scotland, 2021)

 Fulmars (Scotland, August 2016)

 Beetle (Corsica, 2010)

 Lizard (La Gomera, 2009)

 Coots (Scotland, 2021)

 Swan with Reflection (Scotland, 2021)