(some of these, linked, can be read on-line, either on this site or elsewhere)

2016 Several short stories in Different Minds Different Lives, an anthology edited by M H He, and published by Xin Publishing.

2015 Two key points for Science on the Campaign for Science & Education’s website. (Now only from the Wayback Machine.)
   Pawns (a full-length novel).
   Going Forth (a full-length novel, a sequel to Pawns).

2010 The Reminiscences of Penny Lane (a full-length novel).

2003-14 Numerous letters in New Scientist.

1998-2007 Numerous technical manuals and quick reference cards for ARM.

1997 Electronic archive – a contradiction in terms? in the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers’ (ALPSP’s) Learned Publishing.

1996-97 Three articles on typeface design and foreign-language typography, with accompanying software, in Acorn User.

1996 Electronic publishing: what the Physiological Society is doing in ALPSP’s Learned Publishing.

1995 Ethics of the kidney tour in the Physiological Society Magazine.

1993 Journal of Physiology’s changing format: implications for mathematical material in the Physiological Society Magazine.

1991 Three articles on DIY computer interfacing in IEEE’s Electronics Education.

1989-91 Many equipment reviews, project reports, and articles on educational issues in Scottish Schools’ Equipment Research Centre Bulletin – including some on teaching environmental issues reproduced here.

1987-89 Three articles on programming in Personal Computer World.