Horses for Courses

These are the main apps I use on the three platforms available in this house. There are others that I use occasionally, some of them, such as calculators and screen grabbers, available on whichever machine I happen to be using. Almost all these apps are free – the few that aren’t cost pennies. Don’t buy expensive apps – in particular, not Microsoft Office. Use LibreOffice instead!


!DrawVector graphics (see SVGSamples for some illustrations I did in !Draw, and converted to SVG using my !XP1Dr2SVG).
NetSurfCommunicating with the Mac by email; some web surfing & other email, but not a lot
XP1...Various apps of my own, mostly to do with drawfiles or fonts & conversions to non-RISCOS formats, but also doing funny things to all sorts of files, both RISCOS and other types – see RISCOS for details of those available publicly.
BASICMostly writing more of those apps; odd bits of programming
ZapWriting & editing BASIC and Assembler programs & any kind of file
FontEdDesigning and editing fonts
SafariChecking my own website’s compatibility
Libre OfficeDTP, Spreadsheets
AtomWriting html for my website, other plain text tasks
XnViewViewing & converting bit images, some bit image editing
The GIMPSerious bit image editing, with layers etc.
FileZillaUploading to my website
AudacityEditing & converting audio files
FontForgeEditing fonts, importing my own fonts from RISCOS via !XP1FontEd
QuickTimeEditing & converting video files
MuseScoreWriting & editing music files
MorphXMerging and/or distorting bit images
HuginStitching bit images
PCMicrosoft ICEStitching the occasional bit image when Hugin makes a mess of one
???Nothing else these days...well, text editing (LibreOffice or PSPad) and internet (Firefox or Chrome) when away from home, ’cause it’s my only laptop. Want a Macbook Pro...budget won’t stretch to that just now 8~(