Horses for Courses

These are the main apps I use on the three platforms available in this house. There are others that I use occasionally, some of them, such as calculators and screen grabbers, available on whichever machine I happen to be using. Almost all these apps are free – the few that aren’t cost pennies. I don’t buy expensive apps – in particular, not Microsoft Office. I use LibreOffice instead!


!DrawVector graphics (see SVGSamples for some illustrations I did in !Draw, and converted to SVG using my !XP1Dr2SVG).
!NetSurfSome email, some web surfing, ROOL
!MoonfishSharing the Pi’s files with the Mac.
!OmniAccessing files on our NAS.
!XP1...Various apps of my own, mostly to do with drawfiles or fonts & conversions to non-RISCOS formats, but also doing funny things to all sorts of files, both RISCOS and other types – see RISCOS for details of those available publicly.
BASICMostly writing more of those apps; odd bits of programming
!ZapWriting & editing BASIC and Assembler programs & any kind of file
!FontEdDesigning and editing fonts
SafariChecking my own website’s compatibility
Libre OfficeDTP, Spreadsheets
AtomWriting html for my website, other plain text tasks
XnViewViewing & converting bit images, some bit image editing
The GIMPSerious bit image editing, with layers etc.
FileZillaUploading to my website
AudacityEditing & converting audio files
FontForgeEditing fonts, importing my own fonts from RISCOS via !XP1FontEd
QuickTimeEditing & converting video files
MuseScoreWriting & editing music files
MorphXMerging and/or distorting bit images
HuginStitching bit images
Panorama Stitcher MiniStitching bit images
PCNothing now.
Microsoft ICE
Stitching the occasional bit image when Hugin makes a mess of one. (Completely obsolete now; Panorama Stitcher Mini (free on the Mac) does the job just fine, albeit only for five files at a time – but that’s easy to work around, and only needed on those rare occasions Hugin messes up...)
???Formerly, text editing (LibreOffice or PSPad) and internet (Firefox or Chrome) when away from home, ’cause it was my only laptop, but I’ve inherited a Macbook Air now. Want a 15" Macbook Pro...budget won’t stretch to that just now 8~( – or, perhaps even better, a 17" (or 19"...) Hackintosh...