The XP1Dings font

I originally drew all these symbols when I was doing pre-press (on Acorns) for scientific journals, but there were a lot of things that belonged to the society that owned the journals. I had to expurgate them from the font before I could put it in the public domain (whereas I drew all these ones in my own time, and to my own designs). I’ve also moved characters into more accessible locations in the font, now there are many fewer of them. (Some of the scaffolding and widths may be a bit awry at the moment, after a rapid editing job. Will tidy up later, but most of it’s probably usable. Email me if you notice any problems and I’ll probably fix them sooner!)

The diagram shows the correspondence between Corpus characters and XP1Dings characters. Click in the image for a full-size version.

Download here.

The large squares with cross-hatchings or hatchings correspond to the hatchings produced by !XP12ReDraw – or their mirror-images. (Mirror images are easy to produce in !Draw; not so easy to reverse a special character!)

Shout if you want more characters. There are some obvious omissions, such as the octagon without the clock hand, or with the clock hand in positions other than the two available, or the circle with three lines horizontal, or more black shapes with white dots – things that would round out the set, but that I’ve never needed and that there wasn’t room for in a 256 character font in the days when it also had all those other things that aren’t mine to give away.

The easy way to get these symbols, if you don’t want to print the table out, is to use !Chars and set the font to XP1Dings.