!XP1MBoldn fattens up closed paths in a drawfile that’s dropped onto its icon. You can choose the Amount to fatten them by. Open paths, and other objects in a drawfile, are unaffected.

!XP1MBoldn doesn’t know the inside of a curve from the outside! This is sad and I’d like to fix it, but it would be quite a big job. The effect is that whether an outline is emboldened or lightened depends on the winding – ie. whether the outline was created clockwise or anticlockwise – as well as the sign of the Amount. Embolden offers an option to do Both Sides, leaving you to delete the unwanted variant. Alternatively you can do what I do: ensure that the outer outlines of characters all go clockwise, and the outlines of any holes go anticlockwise. !XP1PathEd can help you with this.

The millimetres referred to are 1800 !Draw quanta – not 1814.173228 quanta, so just under 1% undersize. This avoids rounding errors, but means you mustn’t think of them as real millimetres...

If people express an interest, I might enhance this to offer the options of inches or printer’s points instead of millimetres.

Download here

(It’s a self-extracting archive, so all you have to do is download the file into a suitable directory, set the file type to FFC, and double-click on it, which will create the whole application in the same directory. You can then delete the original downloaded file.)