!XP1ReDraw processes drawfiles. It can give lines line patterns that !Draw isn’t able to produce itself, and hatch or cross-hatch rectangles. Drop the drawfile (possibly straight from the Save, or Save Selection window of !Draw) onto the !XP1ReDraw icon on the icon bar, and a save window appears. You can give the file a name and drop it onto any directory window, or back into a !Draw window if you prefer.

To give a line a line pattern, give it a line colour (all the colours in the !Draw palette, apart from black, white, and none, give different patterns); to hatch or cross-hatch a rectangle, give it a fill colour. The returned hatched and/or patterned lines and rectangles are black with no fill.

Rectangles must be aligned with the axes. If you attempt to hatch an unaligned rectangle, or any other shape, what is hatched is the bounding box.

You can of course rotate the hatched rectangle in !Draw afterwards, but !XP1ReDraw won’t cross hatch other shapes for you.

If you want to refer to hatched areas in the legends to your diagrams or graphs, there are matching squares of hatchings as characters in the XP1Dings font.

You can access the keys (shown below) from the iconbar menu. These show you what colours to use to get what hatchings or line patterns.

It’s not too difficult to edit the program to provide a different selection of line patterns – you could even have more line patterns by using different colours, setting the percentages in the colour picker. New hatchings are somewhat trickier, but possible. To get diagonal hatchings with the opposite slope, use X Scale −1 in !Draw. You can also use other scale factors to get other slopes.

Download XP1ReDraw here

(It’s a self-extracting archive, so all you have to do is download the file into a suitable directory, set the file type to FFC, and double-click on it, which will create the whole application in the same directory. You can then delete the original downloaded file.)

(Click in the images for a larger version.)