Spread Sheet to Web converts CSV (Comma Separated Variable) files that you can save from any spreadsheet to HTML tables, for inclusion in web pages.

Note: it only makes the table itself, no HTML header or footer. You’ve got to make the rest of the file yourself – I assume there’s more to your webpage than just the table!

At the moment it gives no options for different designs of table, you get what you’re given! If I need other designs myself I might upgrade it with various options, but don’t hold your breath. Of course if someone offers me money...

It also indents the HTML the way I do, and I’m not likely to make any options for that. You can edit the Runfile if you like.

It understands quotes, both single and double, so you can include quoted commas without it thinking it’s a new field, and even quoted quotes. It is possible to confuse it with mixed single and double quotes if you really try hard, but it won’t happen unless you do something really weird. I really can’t be bothered with ridiculous corner cases, although it wouldn’t be all that hard.

It’s pretty easy to edit it yourself, as long as you don’t want to add options. All the actual work on the files is near the top of the program, and all the wimp stuff is out of the way down the bottom. If you don’t need to add options, there’s no need to mess with the wimp stuff at all. It’s quite easy to change the program to suit your preferred design of table or indentation style or whatever.

This was a very quick and easy hack compared to my other apps. If you know BBC BASIC at all, you could easily alter it to do completely different tricks.

Download XP1ss2web here

(It’s a self-extracting archive, so all you have to do is download the file into a suitable directory, set the file type to FFC, and double-click on it, which will create the whole application in the same directory. You can then delete the original downloaded file.)