The most recent significant changes on this website

Major rewrites, updates, or extensions:

(Only of interest to RISCOS users) I’ve upgraded Draw to SVG so that it now preserves the colour and size and shape of arrowheads, and the colour of circular or square endcaps on lines. (9th August 2021)

Completely new:

A new photograph collection, Wildlife. Some of them are duplicates of shots already in some of the other collections, but many are new.

A new page introducing a link to a paper on the indirect greenhouse effect of hydrogen – basically saying that if hydrogen is used in a big way as part of a renewable energy system, then ideally leakage should be kept to a minimum, but that it’s not a huge problem. (10th May 2021)

The first draught of the beginnings of a new story, the story of Birgom’s sister: Dempsey. (3rd May 2021)

A new recount, Pneumatics & Radioactivity, about my UKAEA summer 1968 project, which was really the first time I started to have doubts about the wisdom of nuclear power. (25th February 2021)

A new page with direct links to six pages otherwise buried deep in the coverage of nuclear fusion. They won’t mean much until you’ve read the Nuclear Fusion page, and followed the links as you come to them. This page is for you to easily refer back to them later. (23rd February 2021)

A new page giving a detailed analysis of the limitations to production of tritium in a lithium blanket around one of those imaginary fusion reactors. (16th February 2021)

All my letters in New Scientist are now on here. (15th February 2021)

Almost all of this website now works reasonably well on tablets and mobile phones as well as desktop compuers. (19th January 2021)

I’ve written a RISCOS app to strip out extraneous formatting information from HTML files generated by LibreOffice: XP1LO2web. Of interest only to users of RISCOS! (6th November 2020)

A new article on Making Money in the Economics section. (29th October 2020)

All my fiction is now available for FREE if you’re happy to read it on screen – although I’d be very grateful for any payment when you’ve read it, if you liked it and can afford it. (22nd October 2020)

Some Random Patterns made on the Raspberry Pi using a simple BBC BASIC app I wrote. (12th October 2020)

Small but significant updates:

I’ve edited the Neutron Reactions in a Lithium Blanket page to improve clarity, and provide additional explanation. (15th February 2021)

I’m putting links to sources of data in numerous locations – often to the Wayback Machine. (17th February 2021)

Broken links etc. fixed:

The Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) has removed its old Chart of the Nuclides. It has new ones with more information, but in a much less Anglophone user-friendly format; still available from the Wayback Machine so I’ve linked to that instead – several locations. (17th February 2021) and some more that I’d missed (18th Feb 2021)