The most recent significant changes on this website

Completely new:

A new piece on coastal erosion, in particular about the effect of global warming on it, and its effect on nuclear power stations. Wave-cut Platforms and Coastal Erosion. (24th Jan 2019)

A short piece on making most public transport free. Free Public Transport. (6th Dec 2018)

(Another one of interest only to RISC OS users) – A new RISCOS app for putting HTML tags into text, and fixing quotes. The text files might come from any text editor on any computer, and the HTML files could be used in a web page on any computer. Text to Web. (11th Nov 2018)

(Of interest only to RISC OS users) – A new RISCOS app for making HTML tables from Comma Separate Variable (CSV) files. The CSV files might come from any spreadsheet on any computer, and the HTML files could be used in a web page on any computer. Spreadsheet to Web. (10th Nov 2018)

A new page explaining why Particle Accelerators for Tritium Production would produce a lot of radioactive waste, and why they’d be very inefficient. This is supporting material for the pages on Neutron Reactions in a Lithium Blanket and Nuclear Fusion, from both of which it is linked. (31st October 2018)

Two new pages explaining details of the calculations about lithium blankets around fusion reactors, Neutron Multipliers and Neutron Mean Free Path Calculations. These won’t mean a lot to you unless you’ve already read Nuclear Fusion and its sub-page, Neutron Reactions in a Lithium Blanket. (27th Oct 2018)

Another education piece: A bit about Sailing. (3rd Oct 2018)

Another education piece – a science class, and a worrying observation: Turbulent Thoughts. (27th June 2018)

A photo and a short commentary on my Photos page: Trouble with Cladding. (12th June 2018)

Link to an article in Sabrang (8th June 2018) Anti-coal-mine activist shot dead on my Political Links page. (10th June 2018)

Major rewrites, updates, or extensions:

(Of interest only to RISC OS users) – XP1FontEd has had some errors in it since an upgrade in October 2017, that I only just discovered: when I put in the facility to preserve scaffolding, I inadvertently messed up the facility to save SFD files. Now fixed. I hope I haven’t now messed something else up – I’ve done some quick checks, but I can’t honestly claim they’ve been exhaustive. Do let me know if anything is awry! (12th January 2019)

(Of interest only to RISC OS users) – A major upgrade to XP1ReDraw – now version 2.00. Loads of new dash patterns, plus map symbols for railway tracks, three kinds of chain (that’s actual chains, as well as draughtsman’s chain lines) and all sorts of things. All organized in a way that makes it (relatively) easy for you to make new line designs of your own. It’s particularly easy to adjust and remix mine. (3rd January 2019)

I’ve rewritten my page on Underwater Compressed Air Engineering for improved clarity. It also now has a couple of diagrams. (8th Dec 2018)

A new recount: Standing for Parliament. (10th Jan 2018)

Small but significant updates:

(Of interest only to RISC OS users) – I’ve updated my XP1Dr2SVG app. It’s now at version 1.13. The difference is that it now handles dash pattern offsets, which it used to ignore. (30th December 2018)

(Of interest only to RISC OS users) – there’s now more information about my XP1Dings font. (8th April 2018)

Now I’m thoroughly retired, I feel able to give my various jobs a star rating, on a scale from 0* to 5*. SSERC scores a 7* on this scale, and the British Psychological Society scores a -4*. So now you know... Curriculum Vitae. (27th March 2018)

Broken links etc. fixed:

(None recently.)