What’s New

The most recent significant changes on this website

Small but significant updates:

I’ve added a footnote [1] on my Nuclear Power? page with a link to a Scientific American article: New Nuclear Power Plants Are Unlikely to Stop the Climate Crisis. (3rd April 2022)

I’ve added a footnote [3] on my Nuclear Power? page about possible effects of war or terrorism on the risks posed by nuclear power: ...potentially having serious consequences far beyond the conflict zone. (6th March 2022)

On my Underwater Compressed Air Engineering page I’ve added a new section on possible hazards, which were previously only briefly mentioned without any details. (26th February 2022)

On my Report: Pneumatic Transport System page I’ve added photographs of offprints of three engineering drawings I’ve recently found, that I drew for my report of a 1968 student scholarship project that I did at the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s Culcheth site. (The drawings are right at the bottom of the report.) (17th February 2022)

On my Golden Rice, Hybrid Rice page I’ve added a link to an excellent related opinion piece on the Scientific American website, How Biotech Crops Can Crash—and Still Never Fail. (31st December 2021)

I’ve added Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky to my favourite artists on my Favourite Authors, Artists & Musicians page – a recent discovery. I was alerted to him by a friend. (17th December 2021)

I’ve edited the Storing Electrical Energy: Underwater Compressed Air page to explain an apparent discrepancy in the amount of energy that can be stored in one of the existing systems described in a magazine article I’ve given a link to – although the system described is similar in many ways, it’s not actually a compressed air system. I’ve also updated the link, as the magazine had changed it. (30th November 2021)

Major rewrites, updates, or extensions:

(Only of interest to RISCOS users) I’ve upgraded Draw to SVG so that it now preserves the colour and size and shape of arrowheads, and the colour of circular or square endcaps on lines. (9th August 2021)

Completely new:

A new photograph collection, Wildlife. Some of them are duplicates of shots already in some of the other collections, but many are new.

A new page introducing a link to a paper on the indirect greenhouse effect of hydrogen – basically saying that if hydrogen is used in a big way as part of a renewable energy system, then ideally leakage should be kept to a minimum, but that it’s not a huge problem. (10th May 2021)

The first draught of the beginnings of a new story, the story of Birgom’s sister: Dempsey. (3rd May 2021)

Broken links etc. fixed:

(None recently.)