The most recent significant changes on this website

I’ve removed all Javascript from the site, so that people who keep Javascript disabled (or whose browsers don’t have it) have full access to the site – I didn’t use it much, and everything I used it for is now done server-side. (If I’ve missed any, do let me know!) (27th June 2017)

Small but significant updates:

(Of interest only to RISC OS users) – there’s now more information about my XP1Dings font. (8th April 2018)

Now I’m thoroughly retired, I feel able to give my various jobs a star rating, on a scale from 0* to 5*. SSERC scores a 7* on this scale, and the British Psychological Society scores a -4*. So now you know... Curriculum Vitae. (27th March 2018)

I said a couple of possibilities were “obvious” in the section on Submarine Compressed Air Storage in Storing Energy. Apparently they weren’t obvious to everybody (my mistake, no fault of theirs), so there is now a link to explanations (rather than cluttering up an already long article). (9th October 2017)

Electric Magic (in Education) now has a preliminary note explaining that I wrote it in 1991, and things have changed significantly since then. (7th July 2017)

Major rewrites, updates, or extensions:

A new recount: Standing for Parliament. (10th Jan 2018)

Total revamp of the Storing Energy section, with corrections, much more information and explanation, and improved clarity (hopefully...) (8th Jan 2018)

(Of interest only to RISCOS users!) XP1FontEd now handles scaffolding far better than it used to. (Improved 7th October 2017)

I’ve improved one of the illustrations for the ebook of my next novel, ExileColour Map. (9th August 2017)

(Of interest only to RISCOS users!) XP1Dr2SVG now has a facility for putting a View Box on the SVG file. (9th August 2017) (Improved 10th August 2017)

Completely new:

My latest novel is out – see Exile.

A link on my Politics page about why I never write about “overpopulation” – I didn’t write it, but it puts my point of view perfectly: I never write about overpopulation. Here’s why. (6th October 2017)

A bit of a rant about Off Roading. (29th September 2017)

A gallery of photographs taken in London. (17th September 2017)

Another Recount – another old one, only just written up – Sewer Workers. (14th September 2017)

A Recount – an old one, but only just written up – Special Branch. (19th July 2017)

Link to an article in the Pharmaceutical Journal (14th July 2017) The cholesterol and calorie hypotheses are both dead – it is time to focus on the real culprit: insulin resistance on my Miscellaneous Links page. (19th July 2017)

Links on my Political Links page and my Energy/Fracking page to an article about the misbehaviour of a fracking company in British Columbia (Canada): A Dam Big Problem. (3rd May 2017)

A new piece on thermal energy storage in Storing Energy. (30th April 2017)

Photographs of Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway. (14th April 2017)

A list of the apps I use on various computers: Horses for Courses. (1st March 2017)

Broken links etc. fixed:

(None recently.)