Miscellaneous links

Anjula’s Website  (Anjula is our daughter. She composes music – amongst other things, but it’s the music that her website is about.)

Crispin’s Photos on Flickr   (Crispin is our son. His Blog speaks for itself.)

Aidan’s website  (Aidan is my brother – and a responsible, thoughtful journalist and a poet.)

Siddharth Surana’s blog  (Sid is a friend. One of his blog pieces, Living on the edge, so suited my book, The Reminiscences of Penny Lane, that I included it, with his permission, as an appendix.)

Helen Blackman’s blog on Cycling  (Helen is a friend, a keen cyclist with very well thought out opinions on cycling issues.)

Tea With Strangers My friends Arty & Nane’s website. What it says on the tin.

The cholesterol and calorie hypotheses are both dead – it is time to focus on the real culprit: insulin resistance The Pharmaceutical Journal (a proper peer-reviewed publication) pulls no punches spelling out how the big pharmaceutical companies are (a) ripping us off, and (b) ruining our health.

Photographers’ Rights (UK) – a useful article on your rights (and good manners) when taking photographs in public places, including pictures of people.

The EU, the Gherkin and ‘freedom of panorama’ – “Freedom of Panorama”, which includes the right to take photographs of buildings or public art, was recently under threat, but the European Parliament rejected the proposed restrictions. In the UK at least, you can still photograph buildings without worrying about copyright. (Just don’t photograph military installations...)

Rob Toplis’s blog  (Rob trains science teachers. We’ve been friends since he was an undergrad and I was a recent graduate. Over forty years...)

Nicholas Saunders’s obituary in the Independent  (Nicholas was a long-standing friend.)

Nicholas Albery’s obituary in the Guardian  (Another long-standing friend.)

Shirley Gordon’s obituary in the Guardian  (Another long-standing family friend, a fellow student of my mother’s in their youth.)

My youtube videos  (A random selection of videos I’ve loaded onto youtube. I’m still a novice, really!)

My deviantart homepage  (Nothing very deviant about it, and certainly no tarts of any kind. Yes, coshipi is me.)

My Flickr photostream