Draw Screenshots

I drew most of these using Acorn’s !Draw and my own !XP1ReDraw on a Risc PC, then took screenshots with !Paint, and converted the resulting sprites to jpegs with !ChangeFSI. I drew Penny Lane directly in !Paint.

They’re all illustrations in my published novel, Going Forth, apart from Penny Lane, which is an illustration in The Reminiscences of Penny Lane.

Sadly, I’ve managed to lose the original Drawfiles of these; luckily I do still have the jpegs!

A Unimog – a small truck with four wheel drive, big wheels and huge ground clearance.

A Bandvagn – a tracked vehicle that steers by bending the link between the front and rear halves. Amphibious. Currently towing a bowser (not amphibious) full of petrol (the Bandvagn uses petrol).

A Scania four wheel drive tanker.

A Scania six wheel drive truck-trailer combination.

A Saami Lavvu – a reindeer skin tent.

Ivan’s map mostly corresponds to reality. However, in Going Forth’s leg of the trousers of time, Chernobyl still had functioning nuclear reactors in 1990, Yugoslavia hadn’t started to break up, and East Germany was still firmly in the grip of the Soviet Union. Ivan made his map in 1990 (in that other leg of the trousers of time), but Going Forth is (mostly) set in 2024 (in that other leg of the trousers of time).

You can click in the map for a bigger version.