Curriculum Vitae


2015 Green Party parliamentary candidate for South East Cambridgeshire.

2007 Retired!

1998-2007 Senior Technical Author, ARM, Cambridge. Mainly documenting the instruction set and assembly language of the ARM computer chips. [4

1998 Journals Manager, British Psychological Society, Leicester. [− 4]

1992-97 DTP Editor, The Physiological Society, Cambridge. Setting up and managing an in-house pre-press operation for their academic journals. [3]

1991-92 Director of Information Technology, Highgate School, London. Teaching computing and mathematics; introducing the use of computers in the teaching of other subjects. [− 3]

1989-91 Senior Project Officer, Scottish Schools Equipment Research Centre, Edinburgh.* Investigating the availability and suitability of equipment for use in schools. Developing practical projects for use in schools. Training teachers in presenting such projects. (Also a member of the Electronics Working Group of the Scottish Central Council on the Curriculum.) [7]

1987-89 Depute† Coordinator, Western Isles Technical and Vocational Education Initiative.* [4]

1986-87 Lecturer in Computing, Lews Castle College, Stornoway, Western Isles. [4]

1985-86 Deputy Manager, Durham ITeC. Training young adults in IT and electronics.* [3]

1983-85 Went to India, made myself useful fixing things in rural mission hospitals. [5]

1971-83 All sorts of different temporary contracts, mostly just a few months here and there, including: technician, research assistant, draughtsman, electronic engineer, typesetter, programmer, supply teacher and lecturer. Several organizations employed me repeatedly‡, others I only worked for on one contract. Voluntary weekend work: typesetting for Peace News. [− 3 - +5]


This is what John Richardson, Director of the Scottish Schools’ Equipment Research Centre, wrote in the SSERC Bulletin when I left: Cheerio, Clive!.

* Temporary contracts funded by the Manpower Services Commission / Training Agency.

† No, that isn’t a typo! It’s Scots.

‡ Microvitec; University of Bradford; Bradford Technical College; Shipley College.

§ 4★ on a scale from 0★ to 5★ – now I’m thoroughly retired, I don’t care who knows what I think of their jobs!


1989-91 B.A. (1st class honours, Mathematics, Open University)

1971 B.Sc. (Ordinary, Mech Eng, University of London)

1970 Changed course from Nuclear to Mechanical Engineering, having realized* that nuclear power is even worse than fossil fuels. (This is a very simplified, sanitized version of events. See Nuclear Engineering – a bit of personal history. for a bit more detail.)

1967 Four grade ‘A’s at A level (Applied Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Pure Maths); UK Atomic Energy Authority scholarship to study Nuclear Engineering at University of London (Queen Mary College).


1949 Born in Paddington, England. British citizen.

1983 Met someone special, the optician in one of those Indian mission hospitals...

1984 ...married that optician!!

1985 Returned to the UK with her – her first time out of India. (We didn’t plan to leave India when we married; we’d planned to open a shop in India, half optician’s and half photographic studio. But unprecedented changes in India’s immigration laws intervened.)
   Son born.

1987 Daughter born.

2019 Grandson born.

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* If realized grates, I’m sorry, it’s my age. Please see -ize or -ise?.