Random bits and pieces

You can see my favourite authors, artists & musicians here.

I’m not much of an artist myself. However, I have drawn a few line drawing cartoons, have done a few photomanips in the course of working on ideas for book covers, and am reasonably good at engineering drawings. Here’s a few examples of sort-of-art-stuff and here are some book covers I designed, four for my own novels and two for books of short stories, some of them mine.

I love singing. I have a large and eclectic repertoire – for a small sample, see Singing. (There are a couple of my cousin Malcolm’s songs too – he’s much more accomplished than me!)

Here’s a list of places I’ve lived (and the schools and university I attended).

Here’s a list of the software I use on various computers: Horses for Courses.

I know French, German and Hindi well enough for them to be useful, but am not totally fluent in any of them, and certainly not accurate. I can read and write them, but laboriously – I struggle to read more than a short newspaper article. I have a smattering of several other languages too.

Finally, a bit about religion: Do I believe in God?