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To Birgom’s people, the Known World is bounded by treacherous ice to the North and South, by the endless ocean to the West, and by impenetrable jungles and merciless deserts in the East.

Birgom leaves this world behind.

Sometimes joyful, sometimes desperately sad, sometimes written in excruciating detail or forgotten for years, Birgom’s Diary charts his long and eventful life in a world that’s recognizably ours, yet very different. Maybe a few hundred years in the future, maybe a few thousand, I don’t know. Post-apocalyptic, but so far post- that the apocalypse is the subject of speculation or mythology, not history – on the rare occasions that it enters anyone’s consciousness at all. This is not a sci-fi world of high technology or space travel, but nor is it a world of primitive savages. But you’ll have to read it...

(This is the same world as Exile is set in.)

Sadly not currently available in print but FREE to view on screen – although a payment of a pound or two would be much appreciated if you read it, like it and can afford it!

You can read the book here in your browser.