My particular concerns are stewardship of the world for the benefit of future generations, peace, and a more equitable distribution of wealth – both locally and worldwide.

A knowledgeable opponent of nuclear power

For more on this, see A Nuclear Opponent.

A knowledgeable proponent of renewable energy

For more on this, see Energy Overview.


I have a head full of stories, and love writing –

NEWS FLASH! My Novels and Short Stories are now free!

to anyone on a low income, if you’re happy to read them on screen.

But if you do like any of them, please recommend them to others, preferably via this page.

Other stuff

I’m retired, after a very varied career – see my curriculum vitae. (There’s a bit of other more random information about me personally here).

I enjoy designing and making all sorts of things from the microscopic to the mahoosive, especially making use of salvaged materials – see DIY.

I love travelling – Recounts and Photographs have some of my travel stories and photographs, amongst other things.

In the 2015 UK General Election I was the Green Party candidate for South East Cambridgeshire (where we’d lived since 1992*) – didn’t win (it’s a safe tory seat) but did at least save the £500 deposit by getting over 5% of the vote (almost four times what we got in this constituency at the 2010 election).
Here’s a video we made for The People’s Politics, a group encouraging young people to take an interest in politics: Why you should vote Green, here’s East Cambridgeshire Green Party’s self-description: About Us, and here I was speaking at a hustings. Finally, this was my election leaflet.

* We moved to Greenock in Scotland in 2019.