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A resourceful young dissident flees England’s murderous, authoritarian regime – and finds himself in a strange country where he doesn’t know the local language or culture, and where no-one speaks his language. Many of the people he meets are friendly and helpful, but (to put it mildly) it’s not all plain sailing...

This is a post-apocalyptic world, but so far in the future that the apocalypse is the subject of speculation and myth rather than history, on the rare occasions that it enters anyone’s consciousness at all.

According to legend, some sort of controlled flight had been commonplace in ancient times. I suspected there was more truth in the legends than most people believed.

The title could have been Refugee or Asylum – but it isn’t.

There’s a map in the back of the book, but it’s monochrome – there’s a colour version here.

(This is the same world Birgoms’s Diary is set in.)

FREE to view on screen – although a payment of a pound or two would be much appreciated if you read it, like it and can afford it!

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Published by Xin Publishing, and available in print from Amazon (or can be ordered in any good bookshop).