A very varied collection of short (or very short) stories, a recount, a bit of polemic, and one poem. Exploring environmental issues, the human mind, relationships, politics and more...

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Some are set in the recent past, some in the present, some in the near future, and many in the distant future; two are set in space, but most are firmly on the ground – two in India, two in Antarctica, two at sea; most could be almost anywhere on Earth. Many but not all have a post-apocalyptic flavour – sometimes so far post-apocalyptic that the apocalypse is forgotten. Only three involve highly advanced technology, and that scientifically reasonably credible; none involve any magic or anything fantastical. Most but not all of the protagonists are human.

Sadly not currently available in print but FREE to view on screen – although a payment of a pound or two would be much appreciated if you read it, like it and can afford it!

You can read the book here in your browser.