Trouble with Cladding

This is relatively good cladding, much better than it was on Grenfell Tower. The rendering on it was far more fire-resistant – until it got broken like this. It could have done with a more robust corner! I don’t know whether the insulation is fire retardant or not. I hope it is. I wasn’t going to test it, not even by breaking a piece off to test well away from the wall!

I’m not so sure about the thin aluminium support that’s the only covering on the bottom of the insulation, either.

It’s not as tall a building as Grenfell Tower, either, but it’s five or six stories if I remember correctly. I don’t know how good the fire escapes are, or whether it’s just a single stairwell.

I don’t have a problem with the graffiti. Do you? If you do, why?

Berlin, 2013.

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