!XP1ReDraw and !XP1Draw2SVG Samples

I drew all these using Acorn’s !Draw on a Risc PC or a Pi, using !Xp1ReDraw to produce the various non-standard dashed line (including both the railway and river special lines, with a customized version of ReDraw – ask if you need such a version!), then converted them to SVG using my !XP1Dr2SVG on the Pi.
I converted all the text to paths before doing the conversions – !XP1Dr2SVG can convert RISC OS text to SVG text, but even at best it’s never exactly the same.

You can click in most of the images for a larger version, then again for a larger one still.

A map for Exile, one of my novels.

 Colour version for the e-book.

A diagram for an article on this website (also for another book that’s still in the works).

Click here for more diagrams that appear elsewhere on my website, all done in !Draw and converted with !XP1Draw2SVG – some less comprehensible out of context than others!

Keyboard layout for the Journal of Physiology in the days when we typeset it on Acorns.

Here’s another layout for a Hindi keyboard.

An illustration for Exile, done with some help from my artist daughter.

If anyone is interested, here are a few illustrations I did in !Draw for my novel, Going Forth. Sadly I no longer have the original drawfiles, only the jpegs I made by taking screenshots with !Paint and converting to jpeg with !ChangeFSI.

And here are a few patterns generated by a fairly simple BASIC app I wrote, produced initially as Draw files, then converted to .svg.