Book Covers

I designed all these covers. Pawns, Going Forth, The Reminiscences of Penny Lane, Exile and Birgom’s Diary are novels which I wrote; Different Minds Different Lives and Kaleidoscope are books of short stories, some of which I wrote, but most of which were written by other people. The Temple at Zelalie is a book of my own short stories. You can click in the images for a larger version. See Fiction for more information about the books.

While it’s true that I designed the covers of Exile and Kaleidoscope, I didn’t do that gorgeous graphic for Kaleidoscope, which was done by my friend Ásta Björk Jónsdóttir, or the painting in the frame on the front of Exile, which was done by my daughter Anjula Schaub, nor did I write the blurb on the back of Kaleidoscope, which was written by my friend Jack Stocker.

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