My Election Address

I stood for parliament in the 2015 UK General Election, as the Green Party candidate for South East Cambridgeshire. This was my election address – a leaflet printed by the Green Party, and delivered to every household in the constituency by the Royal Mail. (The delivery is a free service for parliamentary candidates, but the local party had to raise the money to pay for the printing.)

The other side of the leaflet is general Green Party material, the same as every other Green Party candidate’s (if they used the national party’s printing arrangements).

I didn’t win – in fact, I came fifth (of five) – but at least I “saved the deposit” – that is, the party got back the £500 deposit that every candidate has to put up, because I got more than 5% of the vote. Just...

My photo was taken by Grace Semmens (my wife). The family photo was taken by Crispin Semmens (our son), using a tripod and timer.

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©Clive K Semmens 2015