Our Tandem (in 1991)

Best bike I ever had, a Peugeot tandem. Loved that tandem. Had to sell it because there was nowhere to keep it when we moved to a flat belonging to Highgate School, where I worked for one grim year. There would have been room for it in the flat, but it was up two very awkward flights of external stairs – originally a fire escape by the looks of it, the interior stairs in the house having been removed to make more space inside.

When our son was tiny, he used to ride on a seat between us. I made that seat (out of plywood) myself. Couldn’t get a factory made one for love nor money in Stornoway, where we lived at the time.

Bought the tandem in the late 70s, don’t remember exactly when, secondhand but in pristine condition, for £500. Sold it in 1991 for the same price, still in beautiful condition. Had worn out several tyres in the interim, and a few brake shoes. Never had any trouble at all.

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©Clive K Semmens 1991