Home in 1972

In 1972 I lived in a sort of commune in the house just to the right of centre in this shot. The house had six flats, and we rented the two on the top floor, and one of the two on the middle floor. Then our numbers – and our finances – increased, and we bought the house almost opposite, from whose steps I took this photograph. I lived there for two years, then moved into another, smaller house also owned by the commune, where I lived for another year before moving out into my own rented flat (after a brief sojourn in a squat).

I was secretary of the UK Communes Movement, and then of the Communes Network that arose from the ashes of the Movement, for a couple of years during that time.

The commune lasted several more years – I don't really know how many. I'm still friends with several of the commune members, and with several members and former members of other communes.

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©Clive K Semmens 1973