These are true stories from my past, as accurately told as my memory permits.

Three Sisters (Armenia)

Tourist or Visitor? (India)

Standing for Parliament (S E Cambs)

Nuclear Engineering (London)

Pneumatics & Radioactivity (Culcheth)

Before & After (India)

Tiger (India)

Special Branch (N. Ireland)

Apprentice Mechanics (Bradford)

Teaching Folks to Think (Edinburgh)

Astronomy (India)

Home Sweet Home (India)

Steve Davidson (Ely)

An Elephant’s Voice (India)

Technical Authoring (Cambridge)

A Mad Cyclist & A Scar (India)

Mystery Chocolates (Ely)

Small Change (India)

Don’t make Assumptions (India)

Frost Ferns & an Icy River (Poland)

Rats, Cats and Bats (India)

Roopoo eating a biscuit (India)

Under a Bridge (Scotland)

Bullet! (Kewstoke)

Coins on Rails (W. Yorkshire)

Convalescent Home (Scarborough)

Disruptive Pupil (Hertfordshire)

Age Differences (Hertfordshire)

A Shocking Experience (Scapegoat Hill)

Sewer Workers (India & the UK)

Chickens! (England & India)

Crunch! (India)

Paul Robeson (Huddersfield)

Ferries and Cruises (Norway)

Not just Beer and Beaches (Canary Islands)


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