What’s New

The most recent significant changes on this website

Completely new:

(Only of interest to RISCOS users) A new app XP1Triang to construct triangles a DrawFile, to help with making plan views. (20th October 2022)

(Only of interest to RISCOS users) A new app XP1TrForm to apply a matrix transformation to a DrawFile. (23rd September 2022)

Small but significant updates:

I’ve added a few more old drawings on my Pen and Ink page. (18th December 2022)

I’ve added a couple of old photos on my Wildlife page – the Rhesus Macaques and the Hedgehog at the bottom. (18th December 2022)

Of interest only to RISCOS users: !XP1Dr2SVG can now handle all characters including top-bit-set in Latin1 or Default sets, and all in UTF8.

All my RISCOS applications (of no interest to anyone who doesn’t use RISCOS) are now downloadable as normal archive files rather than self-extracting archives.

I’ve added a footnote [1] on my Nuclear Power? page with a link to a Scientific American article: New Nuclear Power Plants Are Unlikely to Stop the Climate Crisis. (3rd April 2022)

I’ve added a footnote [3] on my Nuclear Power? page about possible effects of war or terrorism on the risks posed by nuclear power: ...potentially having serious consequences far beyond the conflict zone. (6th March 2022)

On my Underwater Compressed Air Engineering page I’ve added a new section on possible hazards, which were previously only briefly mentioned without any details. (26th February 2022)

On my Report: Pneumatic Transport System page I’ve added photographs of offprints of three engineering drawings I’ve recently found, that I drew for my report of a 1968 student scholarship project that I did at the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s Culcheth site. (The drawings are right at the bottom of the report.) (17th February 2022)

On my Golden Rice, Hybrid Rice page I’ve added a link to an excellent related opinion piece on the Scientific American website, How Biotech Crops Can Crash—and Still Never Fail. (31st December 2021)

I’ve added Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky to my favourite artists on my Favourite Authors, Artists & Musicians page – a recent discovery. I was alerted to him by a friend. (17th December 2021)

Major rewrites, updates, or extensions:

(None recently.)

Broken links etc. fixed:

I’ve fixed a broken link to an article in The Pharmaceutical Journal on my Medicines and Snake Oil page – by linking to the WayBack Machine, since the journal seem to have removed it, possibly with good – or bad – reasons, as now discussed on my page. (6th August 2022)