These are true stories from my past, as accurately told as my memory permits.

Three Sisters (Armenia)

Tourist or Visitor? (India)

Standing for Parliament (S E Cambs)

Nuclear Engineering (London)

Before & After (India)

Special Branch (N. Ireland)

Apprentice Mechanics (Bradford)

Pneumatics & Radioactivity (Culcheth)

Teaching Folks to Think (Edinburgh)

Astronomy (India)

Home Sweet Home (India)

Steve Davidson (Ely)

An Elephant’s Voice (India)

Technical Authoring (Cambridge)

A Mad Cyclist & A Scar (India)

Mystery Chocolates (Ely)

Small Change (India)

Don’t make Assumptions (India)

Frost Ferns & an Icy River (Poland)

Rats, Cats and Bats (India)

Roopoo eating a biscuit (India)

Under a Bridge (Scotland)

Bullet! (Kewstoke)

Convalescent Home (Scarborough)

Disruptive Pupil (Hertfordshire)

Age Differences (Hertfordshire)

A Shocking Experience (Scapegoat Hill)

Sewer Workers (India & the UK)

Chickens! (England & India)

Crunch! (India)

Paul Robeson (Huddersfield)

Ferries and Cruises (Norway)

Not just Beer and Beaches (Canary Islands)


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