Come on, Granny!

 Scavenging for Charcoal, Anything to Burn

 Cobbler’s Fag Break

 Dancing to church on Christmas day

 Making Tiles

 Pattni: making cooking oil

 Evening Mist

 Roopoo eating a biscuit

 The Master Tailor & his Customer

 More Himalayan Foothills

 Lakri Wallah

 Fetching Firewood


 Unfortunate Incident

 Mission Hospital

 Eye Camp Team, November 1983

 Himalayan Foothills

 Bloody Bauxite

 Nurse! Swat that Fly!

 On a Defunct Irrigation Channel


 Camera Obscura

 It’s a Hard Life

 Dheki: polishing rice


 Bulk Catering

 Kitchen I

 Kitchen II

 Kitchen III

 Rural Central India


 Radio Tower

 Himalaya from Mussoorie

 Old Fort near Jabalpur

 Pilgrims on the Station

 Pot and Pan Stall

 Dheki: the dangerous end!

 Building an extension

 Stone Mason


 Kitchen IV

 Inside the Roof

 Take Our Photo! I

 Take Our Photo! II

 Marble Rocks

 Making the Tea